Do you sometimes run out of time, money, and energy to find gifts for everyone on your holiday wish list? Here are gift-giving hacks that put the fun back in holiday gift-giving, save time and money, and might even gain you the title, “best gift-giver ever”

Secret Santa Family-Style. Rather than buying gifts for every family member, put everyone’s name in a jar and have each family member draw one name. Then have each family member email their wish list to the entire family. Set a limit such as $100.

The Best Advice You Ever Got. Do you have someone on your list who is just starting out, starting over, or struggling? Think about the one thing that has made the biggest difference in your life – a course, a coach, and a book you read, a conference you attended … and consider gifting that to the person you feel could use it. Include a personal letter about how this impacted your life, how you think it will do the same for them and why.

Frame a personal, heartfelt letter.  How many times have you heard someone say the cards are the best part of the gift? Write a letter to the people who mean the most to you telling them why they are special. Put the letter in a nice frame.

Keep a gift drawer. Rather than waiting until the holidays to shop, purchase small items throughout the year when you travel or attend an art fair or see something that would make a great gift.

Pre-Shop for Next Christmas This Year. Take advantage of the after-holiday sales to do your gift-buying for the following year. Purchase gift-wrap on sale and wrap the gifts so they are all ready for the holidays next year.

Give Your Time. Consider gifting your time to friends and family to do things such as babysitting, help with painting a room, giving a ride to the airport, and so on.