There are only so many hours in the workday. If you feel like you waste valuable time due to distracting websites or unorganized files, consider these tips.

Monitor Productivity Levels. Using Apps like Google Chrome’s RescueTime you can record how much time you are spending on your most frequently visited sites. This will help you to make better use of your time on these websites and make necessary changes to make better use of your time.

Get Rid of Clutter. Organization is key when it comes to time management. Delete old files, uninstall unused programs and make organized files for all of your documents. Use tools from Gmail and Outlook to filter out unimportant messages in your inbox.

Block Time-Wasting Sites. While taking a 5 minute break to check your Facebook feed may not seem like much, but doing it a few times a day can add up to a lot of time. If you’re ok with your employees taking occasional breaks, you can always use apps like StayFocused or Strict Workflow to limit their time.

Make To-Do Lists. Many apps, like Google Tasks or Trello, can help you to break down projects into smaller, bite-sized tasks to keep your employees on track. These are great for keeping track of you employee’s work flow.

Use Keyboard Shortcuts. Every computer system has shortcuts designed to save you’re the time of using a toolbar. Try using Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V for copy and paste, Ctrl+Z for undo changes. Look for the full list on your device to find the rest of these shortcuts.