Europol, the intelligence agency of the European Union, called it a “cyberattack of an unprecedented level.”

Starting early Friday, May 12, a massive ransomware infection called WannaCry quickly spread to over 300,000 computers in over 150 countries.

You probably heard about it on the news.

It crippled entire hospitals, car manufacturers, telecom companies, and even affected U.S.-based FedEx, demanding a ransom paid in Bitcoin for the data files it held hostage.

Luckily, your computers weren’t affected by this global outbreak. At least not this time.

But do you know 100% for sure your business computers, point of sale systems, and network are completely safe from the next attack?

I’m confident you have a false sense of security, as do so many other small business owners like yourself.

This Quiz Reveals How Exposed You Are

Look at the following list. Click on those items that are true in your business.

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